Multichannel automated satellite excursion system ENRG

Multichannel automated satellite excursion system ENRG

ENRG is an innovative automated excursion system, that allows to conduct excursions in unlimited numbers of languages in real time. 

System is well suited for use on cruise ships, tour buses and other vehicles. 

Playback of prepared audio material is done automatically by synchronising with current location (positional location is done via either GPS or Glonass positioning systems).

sound quality
Unlimited number
of lanuguages
Does not require
additional personnel
Can be powered
from any outlet
of whole world
Wired and wireless
Principle of operation
  1. Tablet computer receives signal from satellite (GPS or GLONASS) and finds the corresponding audio track by comparing current location to the excursion route.
  2. The tablet computer sends message to control module (via Bluetooth) to start playback of audio track, that corresponds to current location on the map.
  3. Control module sends message (command?) wirelessly to Audioguides (AG-11) or by wire to stationary players to start playback of audio track (previously determined by tablet computer).
Maps of whole world