Russian Event with Robert Kiyosaki in Moscow.

19 June 2012
Russian Event with Robert Kiyosaki in Moscow.

On June, 16th 2012 American entrepreneur, investor and writer Robert Kiyosaki delivered a talk. He is mainly famous for his books “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “Cashflow quadrant”, which were sold at 26 million copies. In addition, Robert invented a board game “Cashflow 101” and its sequel “Cashflow 202” aimed at understanding of the principles and practice of financial strategy.  

Business seminar was organized by the company AlphaInvest in a Moscow Crocus City Hall that is a unique double-level concert hall built to the highest international standards and having the most modern equipment and facilities.  

Thanks to the up-to-date acoustic equipment and unique system for the oral interpretation IntelRG, which was provided by Radio Guide LLC for more than 5000 people, the participants of the seminar were enjoying clear, natural and distinguishable speech sound. Moreover, the full coverage of the hall contributed to the high level of satisfaction with the talk of Robert Kiyosaki.