June, 28th 2012 Astana, Kazakhstan

06 July 2012
June, 28th 2012 Astana, Kazakhstan

International Symposium «Future Energy: the Sustainable Development of our Planet» was held on June, 28th in Astana, Kazakhstan. This is one the key events for Kazakhstan so as to win a right to host EXPO 2017.

Astana received 100 delegates of The International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE), who will choose a host country of the International Exhibition EXPO 2017 at the 152nd BIE General Assembly in Paris this autumn. The symposium was aimed at attracting attention of the international community to the topic of the energy in the future, which Astana suggests for the EXPO 2017. In addition, the city proved that it is capable of organizing large international events on the highest level.

Excellent technical support was organized with a great success by Radio Guide LLC. More than 600 participants of the symposium were able to acquaint themselves with excellent technical qualities of digital equipment for simultaneous interpretation IntelRG.

Scientists, politicians and public figures of Kazakhstan, Near and Far abroad met at the symposium so that to discuss the main problems of the energy in the future, that is, climate change, sustainable energy development, ecological stability and energetic safety, and investments in renewable energy sources. Most importantly, if Astana is chosen to host EXPO 2017, the energy consumption of the Exhibition venue will base on alternative energy.