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07 April 2016

From 5 to 7 April, METRO Cash and Carry Russia in a strategic partnership with Sberbank PJSC held a large-scale exhibition of market professionals METRO EXPO at the Crocus Expo complex. 

The event gathered more than 15 thousand small and medium-sized businesses from the retail industry and the hotel and restaurant business. On this platform during the specialized workshops and master classes from METRO and Sberbank, the entrepreneurs had a look at the latest food products from 200 manufacturers and suppliers mostly from Russia, learnt about the latest industry trends, developed the skills of effective conduct of business and development of new market products, as well as the practical application of advanced innovative technologies. 

Radio Guide Company digital equipment - a system for simultaneous translation IntelRG for the technical support of the exhibition: for the opening ceremony of the event, for the organization of workshops and excursions in the territory of the Crocus Expo complex. 

In the framework of the exhibition, on April 5, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich and the Director of Sberbank Herman Gref took part in the show “Cooking Set” and demonstrated the way to cook the masterpieces of refined cuisine from the national products. Availability of equipment Radio Guide RG-07 allowed holding the “contest” in the most comfortable conditions for spectators and participants. 

Based on:

http://tass.ru/ekonomika/3178131, http://communa.ru/ekonomika

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