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24 March 2012
March, 17th – 23rd 2012 Intourmarket (ITM) 2012 Moscow

Intourmarket (ITM) is known to be the main event of tourism business in Russia, where the majority of vacation travel organizers seek to participate. The exhibition in 2012 was organized by Russian event company “Expotour”.

Almost all key players in tourism sector, including Russian and international tour operators and companies, national tourism offices from various countries, have participated in the exhibition. About 1300 participants from 140 countries and regions presented their exhibition stands on the area of 29 000 square meters. 

The program of business events at the Intourmarket (ITM)-2012 exhibition consisted of seminars, conferences, presentations, intergovernmental meetings and ceremonies of signing bilateral documents on cooperation in a tourism sector.

Radio Guide LLC played a crucial role in a technical support of the seminars and conferences at the exhibition through the provision of digital radio equipment for simultaneous translation. During the four days of the exhibition the company managers provided participants with continuous communication services of the highest quality.

This year Intourmarket focused on the topics of kid travel and disabled travelers. In order to attract more public attention to these issues the organizers of the conference initiated the conference on kids travel safety questions (March, 17th) and II International conference on affordable tourism (March, 19th). Radio Guide LLC provided technical support at the aforementioned conferences and presented its new product Audioguide, which can be used by disabled people. The personal electronic device Audioguide AG-11 was invented so that to increase information awareness of tourists. People with hearing disorders are able to adjust the volume of an audio file and there are Braille scripts on the panel of the Audioguide.

In a nut shell, the Intourmarket exhibition has been successful to open the new spring-summer tourism season. Its rapid development, continuous increase in a number of participants and represented countries, unique program “Professional buyer”, high effectiveness of a tourism product promotion, and participants’ tangible business profits make Intourmarket a leading spring tourism forum of Russia.

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