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25 May 2012
Radio Guide LLC in The Near East

Radio Guide LLC participated in the exhibition Arabian Travel Market- 2012, which took place in Dubai from April, 30th to May, 3rd 2012.

ATM-2012, which is one of the largest international exhibitions in the Near East region, is an indicator of a local tourism sector. It was significant that the ceremony of opening the 19th ATM exhibition featured patron of the event - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is a Vice President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates, constitutional monarch of Dubai.

This year the participants of the event traditionally consisted of tour operators and tour agencies, cruise companies, hotels, spa and resort centers, magazines that specialize in tourism sector, professional associations, insurance companies, producers of equipment and facilities for tourism. This event attracted attention of about 2 500 exponents from 87 countries and this year 11 new branches appeared. The number of visitors grew by 51%, that is, in 2011 there were 9 545 visitors, whilst in 2012 their number increased by 14 446 people.

Business agenda of the exhibition paid particular attention to new technologies in a tourism sector, including information technologies.

There has been a significant increase in a number of tourists in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia. These countries attract visitors that used to choose other destinations.. Furthermore, according to a prognosis a number of tourists will raise owing to Chinese, Korean and Indian tourists that are expected to come to the Near East. Therefore, in 2030 the number of visitors may soar by 195 million thanks to global investments in regional tourism.

Regarding Russian tourists, 255 700 people visited Dubai last year, and this is by 22% more than the previous year. According to tour operators of Dubai Russian tourist market is one of the most promising. Not surprisingly, every hotel and each shopping center has Russian speaking personnel. Moreover, Dubai is proud of a high percentage of returning Russian tourists, many of whom go to Dubai more than 20 times!

Participation of Radio Guide LLC in ATM-2012 exhibition was caused by the increase in a tourist flow between United Arab Emirates, other countries and regions, which participated in the exhibition and Saint-Petersburg, Northern-West of Russia, and new business opportunities that emerged lately. 

Taking into account ambitious development plans of the company, Radio Guide LLC is particularly interested in working in Near East. Furthermore, an opportunity to demonstrate the company and its equipment is very important for the company that produces devices for services of the highest quality.  

According to the general director of Radio Guide LLC Davletshin Sergey, Arabian Travel Market- 2012 exhibition gave an opportunity to evaluate the potential of Asian region and its countries like India, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and etc., because they were represented widely at the exhibition. Also, Near East region has a huge potential as its market is not saturated with innovative technologies in a tourism sector. “The second year in a row the exhibition amazes by opportunities available at this market. We hope that owing to our presence at the exhibition more and more participants of a tourism sector will get acquainted with modern achievements of contemporary Russian technologies”- said Sergey Davletshin. He a ded that in the nearest future Radio Guide LLC may open an office in Dubai.  

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