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16 May 2016

The exhibition stand of Radio Guide Company caught the interest of both the participants and visitors of the annual international festival “Intermuseum 2016” which was held in Moscow on May 13 – 16, 2016. Intermuseum 2016 is the 18th festival in succession which involved over 300 participants from ten countries. This year, the festival was devoted to the theme – “Museum without borders. Social Mission of the Museum in the Context of Intercultural Dialogue”.

This time the festival has brought together 315 museums (last year - 232), 38 of which were private. Hence, the cultural capital hosted art sites of practically all regions, countries of the CIS and far-abroad countries. Each Intermuseum 2016 received 10-15 thousand visitors.

During the museum forum opening ceremony, Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky has pointed out that Intermuseum is not a mere exhibition - this is a unique platform which has created favorable conditions for dialogue between executive officers of the world’s largest museums and relatively small regional museums. This is an annual parade of museum innovations.

This large-scale festival has already become the hallmark of the Russian museum community, setting itself a challenging task: to represent the temple of art of the future.

Fortunately, everybody realizes that this future is impossible without innovative technologies.

Radio Guide’s exhibition stand demonstrated all types of equipment and novelties, including – souvenir audio guide with various options of body branding.

The museum representatives had an opportunity to talk over the usability of some company products within the area of their expositions, while the visitors – to enjoy exclusive St. Petersburg excursion programs in 8 languages, to check the quality of digital sound and to flip through the route maps, etc.

For Radio Guide Company participation in the main museum forum of the country was a great opportunity to demonstrate its developments, to gain insight into recent tendencies and requirements of contemporary museums.

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