Audioguide AG–11

Audioguide AG–11
W × H × D:
32 × 110 × 22 мм

Audioguide AG-11 is a personal electronic excursion guide. Device can operate in multiple modes, from the simplest sequential playback of pre-recorded material to fully automatic playback, which only triggers when the user is in the vicinity of an exhibit.

Audio recording format:
OGG, stereo/mono
Record up to
140 hours
Battery life:
50 hours 
Battery charge time:
9 hours
32 loudness
Weight of device:
70 g
Content loaded
via USB port
Braille script available
Content can be recorded
in multiple language
Strap for easy carrying
Simultaneous charging of up
to 20 devices
Device is certified
in EU and Russia

Audioguide AG-11 is an unique design, which has all capabilities of Radioguide RG-07 but with a few new additions of its own:

  1. Automatic sequential playback – it is a prepared route of an excursion, created using a special map, which is then handed to a tourist. User can choose language of audio by pressing the red button on top of the device.
  2. Repeated/free playback – in this mode user is free to choose to playback any content simply by inputting an exhibit number. Because of this user has flexibility to alter the route as he sees fit.
  3. Fully automatic excursion mode – this mode is commonly used in museums. For this mode to work each exhibit must have a radio beacon. When a device is in vicinity of an exhibit, playback of relevant content is triggered automatically.
  4. Guided multilingual excursion – this mode is of use, when a tourist group is guided by a single guide, who may not speak foreign languages, but is familiar with the route of the excursion. In this case guide uses his AG-11 device as a transmitter. All that guide has to do is to listen to the audio in his native language and simply switch to next audio content when appropriate, each tourist in the group will hear exactly the same content in his chosen language.
Record up to  140 hours