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Individual design option begins a new era in audioguide development
Audioguide MC-15
Audioguide MC-15 is a new generation of devices for groups and individual tourists.
Model MC-15 features face panel allowing to print original logos (branding).
Order a unique design to suit your needs
Battery life:
Charging time:
up to 10h
50g / 1.76oz
Memory type:
Micro SD
Technical parameters
Earphone slots amount: 2
Frequency range: 2.4–2.483GHz
Сurrent: 30mA
Memorgy card: 2-32Gb
Case material: Plastic
Application of design: Laser printing
Braille script: Yes
Dimensions: 48×108×14 mm
Made in Russia,
St. Petersburg
Audioguide MC-15 - Unique in Its Kind
Optimize length of audio records. Choosy any size of micro SD card you want.
Enjoy device’s comfortable and touchable keyboard.
Double earphone slot, allowing to connect two earphones at once, is a rational solution if you travel together.
  • MC-15 audioguide can be used in manual mode as a portable player. To listen to an audio track about particular object, tourist just needs to dial its number on keyboard.
  • In this mode, audioguide can be complemented with paper-based excursion map, the one that the tourist can use to check their route any time, pausing or restarting playback as they wish, to explore the attractions of their interest with maximum comfort and no haste.
  • RFID chip mode. Audioguide can also be controlled remotely by commands sent by RFID chips. The chips can be installed permanently at tour sites, museums, parks, etc. When approaching them at a certain distance (can be configured individually), the audioguide will automatically launch a particular audio file.
  • Audioguide can also be used as a part of tour group led by master guide or automatic ENRG satellite tour system. In this mode, audio files playback is started remotely by commands transmitted via radio channel. The listener does not need to dial the file number on the keyboard, they just select the playback language they wish.
    Any MC-15 audioguide device can be used as a controlling device - masterguide. The tour leader just needs to set up their device to masterguide mode and bind the group’s devices to it. After that, once file playback is started by masterguide, the same file will be reproduced by all bound audioguides. At the same time, playback language can be set on each device individually, which is very convenient when working with multilingual groups.
Individual Design and Colours Meeting Your Business Needs
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