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Working distance up to 400m with new
Radioguide model RG-15
Radioguide model RG-15 is designed specifically for active tourism, such as skiing, cycling, safari, etc.
The longest working distance among Radioguide product range!
Frequency range:
Receiver working time:
Simultaneous charging of:
21 devices
Working distance:
up to 400m
Technical parameters
Earphone slots amount: 1
Transmitter working time: up to 10h
Transmitter current: 120mA
Receiver current: 30mA
Transmitter power output (standard): 50mW
Transmitter power output (upgraded): 100mW
Case material: Plastic
Number of case colours available: 5
Dimensions: 118×39×15 mm
Made in Russia,
St. Petersburg
Radioguide Excursion Service System Model RG-15
For cycling tours
Cycling tourism is a modern trend that is getting more and more popular every year. The RG-15 model perfectly meets specific requirements of this type of tourism (stable signal, sound quality, and extended working distance - up to 400 meters).
For excursions – up to extreme ones
Radioguide model RG-15 suits both traditional museum and city tours and excursions in extreme conditions, such as skiing, horse expeditions, safari tours - that is, wherever extended working distance is essential.
For training
Training in skiing, horseback riding, motorcycles, and quad bikes is not an easy task due to the obstacles to efficient communication between the student and the instructors. Thus, Radioguide model RG-15 featuring 400 m maximum working distance will provide the best solution for such cases.
Attractive design, five colours
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