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New Generation of Excursion Equipment
Radioguide model RG-18
Innovative model RadioGuide RG-18 features all the advantages of earlier RadioGuide designs, opening new opportunities for tourism, excursion service, and conferences.
Individual design according to your corporate style
Frequency range:
2.4–2.483GHz / 865-870MHz
Number of channels:
Working distance up to:
Charging time
Technical parameters
Battery capacity: 920mAh
Supply voltage: 3.7V
Transmitter autonomous working time: 30h
Receiver autonomous working time: 60h
Earphone slots amount: 1
Transmitter power output: 10mW
Transmitter current: 30mA
Receiver current: 18mA
Case material: Plastic
Amount of case colours: 5
Weight: 45g / 1.59oz
Dimensions: 54,5×86,5×8,3 mm
Made in Russia,
St. Petersburg
Excursion Service System Radioguide Model RG-18
  • Stable sound transmission, high sound quality, easy setup and control.
  • The system is suitable for the excursion spots with intense noise, such as popular sightseeing spots or industrial premises.
  • Ergonomic devices facilitate guide’s or speaker’s work.
  • The equipment can be used by interpreters (consecutive or simultaneous interpretation).
  • Unique setting, binding and group forming system is a convenient and efficient solution to organize and run events, control visitors flow and keep the audience informed.
  • RG-18 receivers and transmitters are universal devices that can be used either as a guide’s, interpreter’s, or speaker’s working tool, or as a component of autonomous excursion systems based on the previously prepared materials.
  • New RG-18 has become even more suitable for long hours of usage compared to earlier models, thanks to its compact size and lighter weight.
  • Both transmitters and receivers are presented in new high-quality cases with broad color range available, perfect to implement branding solutions. Branding service option includes design development as well as printing of symbols and images of any complexity over the device’s case.
One-by-One Charging Technology
RG-18 equipment features unique One-by-One charging system, allowing to compactly place maximum amount of equipment in minimum working space. One charging box allows placing, transporting, and charging 24 devices simultaneously. Notably, box’s overall dimensions are 23×8,5×6 cm only. Charging system has neither wires nor slots, receivers just need to placed one above the other, they will be fixed in this position with built-in magnets.
For tour companies
Model RG-18 provides an opportunity to easily organize working with any number of group tourists even in most crowded places.
For museums
Radio equipment helps to optimize tourist groups distribution and indoor people flow. Tour guides won’t have to raise their voices to be heard, which will contribute to comfortable acoustic atmosphere, and increase object’s flow capacity. In Audioguide mode, RG-18 allows to playback original excursion content, development by the museum staff and translated to various languages. Device branding provides an opportunity to create a wholesome image of a modern museum complex.
For conferences
Radioguide model RG-18 is a compact and affordable alternative to expensive simultaneous interpretation equipment. Its extra features are easy binding and easy language selection.
Individual Design and Colors Meeting Your Business Needs.
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