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Automatic satellite excursion system
Radioguide ENRG
ENRG is an innovative automatic tour service system that allows conducting tour programs automatically in any number of languages.
The system is intended for cruise liners, recreational river vessels, tourist buses and other vehicles.
The system provides automatic playback of recorded audio materials in accordance with vehicle’s current position and direction of movement.
Super high sound quality
Number of languages
High quality
Additional personnel
Does not require
Whole world
Technical parameters
Power supply: 12V, 24V or 220V
Material: Plastic
Certified: RU, EU
Made in Russia,
St. Petersburg
Principle of operation
A tablet computer installed on the vehicle determines its current coordinates using satellite navigation systems and compares them with those corresponding to particular audio tracks of the excursion program.
Then, via Bluetooth, it sends a command to the control unit to select a track in accordance with the current coordinates and start playback.
Via radio channel, the control unit sends a command to audio guides or stationary players to start playback of the track selected. The devices reproduce the audio track corresponding to the current coordinates of the vehicle.
For boat trips
Our system is perfectly fit for both pleasure ships and cruise liners. Once installed, the system is fully autonomous and does not require additional maintenance staff. ENRG is in active use now by major cruise companies in St. Petersburg and Moscow.
For bus tours
This system is a modern alternative to the traditional excursion service, as it allows you to provide programs in any number of languages at the same time. ENRG is compact, so it can easily be installed even in a small minibus. The system is completely autonomous and does not require additional maintenance staff.
For any vehicles
ENRG system has virtually no operational limitations and can be used even on aircraft. Thus, passengers can participate in an exciting tour in any language.
ENRG System Configuration
- Audioguide MC-15
- ENRG control unit
- Tablet Computer
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