Equipment package for excursions RG–15

Equipment package for excursions RG–15 e-inc display distance
up to 500m
5 colours of devices Transmitter RG-15 Receiver RG15
Radioguide RG-15 is the equipment of broadcast communication, upgraded for active types of tourism: safari, mountain skiing, cycle touring, etc.

The key feature of RG-15 is an increased range (up to 500 meters) which can be attributed to the specific character of movement of the participants of active tourism and sports programs.

Range: 863-865 MHz
Frequency hopping technology
Transmitter operating time: 10 hours
Receiver operating time: 40 hours
Simultaneous charging of 20 devices
Radio overlap 500 m
Multi-purpose bag RG-15

Makes it possible to keep from 20 to 100 receivers and transmitters in one place, including headphones and headset for guides. The bag is made of durable materials to protect the equipment from damage.

Charging case

An optimal solution for the arrangement of mobile events. Ensures simultaneous charging of up to 20 devices for 6-8 hours. The case is equipped with a power supply cable connected to the socket (220 V)

Ensures a record action range – up to 500 m!