Radio Guide LLC has been suggested for “100 best Russian goods” competition

09 July 2012
Radio Guide LLC has been suggested for “100 best Russian goods” competition

Radio Guide LLC has succeeded at a regional level in a nationwide competition of goods made in Russia called “100 best Russian goods”. The company has received 80 points out of 100, which is an excellent result for the company that has participated for the first time and operates in a tourism sector.

This year a slogan of the competition is “Made in Russia” guarantees a high quality of goods and competitiveness of Russian business”. The competition encourages SME to produce goods and services of an excellent quality and therefore stimulate economic modernization of Russian economy.       

The regional level of the competition is extremely important as at this stage specialists scrutinize indicators of economic efficiency of a company by means of available data, test results, expert evaluations, and customers’ feedbacks. Radio Guide LLC has gained 80 points and excellent expert recommendations at this stage and now will proceed to a national level of a competition, which will take place in autumn 2012 in Moscow.       

The competition “100 best Russian goods” is launched every year since 1998 by Federal Agency on technical regulating and metrology and Academy of quality problems with a support of The Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, administrations of federal subjects of the Russian Federation. The competitions is mainly aimed at a recovery of a high quality of products, encouragement of the best national producers, promotion of goods and services of Russian federal districts at national or foreign markets