Delivery of the equipment to the venue
Training of your personnel in usage of the equipment
Charging of all equipment is done by Radioguide personnel
We do all the maintenance and cleaning of the equipment
100% technical support of events
(conferences, forums, seminars, summits)


24/7 technical support
1 year hardware warranty
Equipment after warranty service and upgrades
Fast return on investment
Flexible solutions

Who benefits from renting?

  • Cruise companies
  • Organizers of singular events
  • Medium-sized to large museums
  • Medium-sized to large travel agencies
  • Organizers of conferences, forums and summits

Who benefits from buying?

  • Cruise companies
  • Organizers of regular events
  • Tourist guides (for groups of 10-15 people)
  • Small and medium-sized museums
  • Hotels
  • Bus tour organizers
  • Small travel agencies