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11 December 2012
Radio Guide Company was recognized in Moscow

Radio Guide Company was recognized in Moscow. An award ceremony of the Moscow Tourism Committee "The Guiding Star" following the results of 2012 took place in the Grand Concert Hall of the Moscow Mayor’s Office on the New Arbat on the 11th of December.

There were more than 500 representatives of Moscow tourist industry in the hall. The deputy mayor of Moscow Alexander Gorbenko opened the celebration.

Awards in the special nominations were handed over by: the chairman of Tourism and hotel industry Committee of Moscow Sergey Shpilko, the head of Rostourism Alexander Radkov, the deputy of the State Duma, vice-chairman of Committee on economic policy, business and innovations Anatoly Karpov. From hands of the latter the general director of Radio Guide Company Sergey Davletshin received a memorable prize and a diploma in the special nomination "For successful innovations in tourism".

In spite of the fact that Radio Guide Company originates from St. Petersburg (the head office is in the Northern capital), a branch office of Radio Guide Company has been successfully working in Moscow since 2010. Radio Guide Company began its entry into the capital market with the large industrial plants which use the equipment of the company for carrying out their own excursions in their sections and on the ground. The active work with the tourist sector of Moscow began in 2011 and has already brought prompt results in 2012: the growth of volume of service to the tourist companies showed an increase of 80 percent.

The prize "The Guiding Star" was awarded "For an outstanding contribution to tourism development in Moscow" following the results of the year 2012 in 16 categories. Applicants for receiving the figurine — a symbolical Kremlin tower — were estimated by the expert council. The ceremony took place in a festive atmosphere. Numerous nominees, authorities, elite of Moscow travel industry and special guests were welcomed by musicians of Doctor Watson group, Leonid Agutin, Vladimir Presnyakov, Natalia Podolskaya. The poet Vladimir Vishnevsky presided the ceremony.

The prize distribution "The Guiding Star" is an annual professional holiday of specialists of tourism and hotel industry in Moscow.

The award was founded in 1999 by The Tourism Committee of the city of Moscow for a quality improvement of tourist and excursion service, hotel service, the formation of positive image of the city as a world tourist center, an efficiency growth of promotional and informational campaigns and assistance for increase of tourist streams to Moscow.

As for Radio Guide Company's plans in the capital for 2013, they concern development of cooperation with partners, establishing new partnerships with enterprises of Moscow travel industry, partaking in city programs of tourism development, introduction of Radio Guide Company's innovations to the Moscow market for further quality improvement of tourist services.

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