RG-18 Excursion Service Equipment

Reciever RG-18 Transmitter RG-18
W × H × D:
54.5 × 86.5 × 8.3 mm

Innovative radioguide RG-18 features all advantages of our early prototypes and is opening new horizons for tourism, excursion service, and conferences.



5 цветов корпуса (RG-18)
  1. stable sound transmission, quality sound, easy tuning and use,
  2. high workability on spots with high noise level, such as popular tourist locations or industrial workshops,
  3. ergonomic design allowing to simplify guide’s or speaker’s work,
  4. high suitability for interpreters (consecutive or simultaneous translation),
  5. unique system for tuning, binding and grouping, aimed to improve event organization, and keep constant contact with the audience,
  6. practical compact case, allowing not to get to keep track of receivers’ number and also serving as a charger.


  1. RG-18 is a multi-purpose device that can be used either as a radiogude, or as an audioguide based on the prearranged audio materials.
  2. Thanks to its smaller dimensions and less weight, compared to our earlier models, practical and light RG-18 is more convenient to work long hours.
  3. High-quality plastic case of the device is available in a wide colour range, fitting perfectly for device branding; turnkey designing and printing of graphic symbols or images of any complexity is available.
RG-18 Branding
Compact case (RG-18)
  1. The compact case allows you to keep track of the receiver count and, at the same time, serves as a charger.
  2. Up to 24 devices can be charged simultaneously.


  1. FOR TOURISM: RG-18 allows organize service for the groups up to 100 listeners in most crowded locations with ease. Reliably bound to the transmitter, the devices will prevent losing contact with a single listener. The case will help you to collect radioguides and get them charged.
  2. FOR MUSEUMS: As radioguide, RG-18 helps to avoid overwhelming crowds and provide the safety of fragile exponates. As audioguide, RG-18 allows to represent original excursion content, created by museum staff, on the highest level. Device branding is aimed as a masterstroke to integral image of a contemporary museum.
  3. FOR CONFERENCES: RG-18 is a compact and affordable alternative to expensive equipment for simultaneous translation. Easy binding and language choice option is an extra advantage.



Transmitter RG-18
  1. supply voltage range - 3.3…4.2 V.
  2. consumption current 15 мА
  3. frequency range: 2400...2483 MHz
  4. output power up to 10 mW
  5. range of a radio signal – up to 100 m
  6. weight - 40 g
  7. overall dimension - 86.5x54.5x8.3 mm
  8. battery type - Li-ion, 3.7V, 950mA / h
  9. nonstop operation time – up to 60 hours
  10. number of digital channels - 250


  1. supply voltage range - 3.3 - 4.2 V
  2. consumption current - 15 mA
  3. weight - 40 g
  4. overall dimension - 86.5x54.5x8.3 mm
  5. frequency range - 2400 - 2483 MHz
  6. battery type - Li-ion, 3.7V, 950mA / h
  7. nonstop operation time – up to 60 hours
Reciever RG-18
High workability on spots